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If you are a growing e-commerce player using one of the multi-channel marketing platforms like CleverTap, Amplitude, Webengage, NetCore SmartTech etc. then you can easily SendPost as your SMTP relay. You can easily separate your promotional & transactional emails and manage multiple sending domains and dedicated IPs to ensure your emails never hit spam.

You can also use content personalisation and if-else rules in email, to make your e-commerce brand stands out. You can further AMPlify your email conversions with interactive e-commerce emails for cart abandonment or post order purchase.

Our smart alerts and insights will ensure that you can safeguard your emailing from everything right from IP blacklisting, high bounce rate, decrease in sender reputation to increase in deferral rate on specific email ISPs.

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Why growing e-commerce companies should choose SendPost?

Growing e-commerce businesses need an email API partner which integrates with their current marketing stack, gives them best of breed email deliverability and ensures emails are reliably delivered at the right time. Personalisation and interactive emails are other two API capabilities which impacts e-commerce conversion via email.

SendPost SMTP Relay and API solution makes integration with any marketing software dead simple. Our auto-IP warmup, multiple sending domain, dedicated IPs and smart IPPool routing ensures that your emails always reach inbox and never spam. Latest support of DMARC, AMP and BIMI ensures that your emails are interactive and brand recall is high.

But the thing which makes SendPost really standout amongst the sea of other email APIs is that you can be assured that we will let you know when things go south with our smart alerts and fix them for you. It may be your domain reputation going for a nosedive, IP being blacklisted, hard bounce rate increasing or deferral from specific email ISP. You don't have to wait for weeks and wade through sea of data to identify what went wrong and when.

Our prices are affordable and scale nicely as your email sending volume increases. Our support and deliverability team ensures that rather than waiting for weeks to get your tickets answered you can chat with an actual human. Real-time.

We understand how critical email is for your business. We are not just a nameless software but a reliable email partner for your growing e-commerce business.

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Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Simple email sending & validation API, powerful analytics, smart alerting system and power deliverability optimisation tools make SendPost standout as the most forward thinking email API service.

Email API & SMTP Relay
We have API SDKs present in over 14+ programming languages - Java, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby, Python etc. You can also connect us in old fashioned way using SMTP relay. Email API Feature Arrow
Sub-Accounts & Groups
Segregate your email sending for products, customers or email types using Sub-Accounts. Get detailed analytics for specific email types using groups. Email API Feature Arrow
Sub-Account & IP Stats
Know your deliverability, bounce, open and click rate at both sub-account and IP level. We show stats for aggregated SMTP errors and your inboxing on major ISPs - gmail, yahoo, outlook, aol etc. Email API Feature Arrow
Event Logging
Debug any deliverability issue based on a sub-account or IP by SMTP code, description, recipient, sender and more. 90 day log retention and super fast search. Email API Feature Arrow
Dedicated & Shared IPs
If you are getting started you can use our shared IP pools for email sending. For big senders, manage your own dedicated and shared IP pools. Email API Feature Arrow
Validation API
Clean your list by removing hard bounce, spam traps, invalid emails, email typos, honey pot email addresses and more. Email API Feature Arrow
Alerts & Notification
Setup automated alerts and notification through slack & email when specific sub-account or IP deliverability suffers or your hard bounce has increased. Email API Feature Arrow
Rate limiting, Throttling & Routing
For power users, you can control speed of email sending and throttling at an IP. You can also route emails from an IP Pool based on specific rules. Email API Feature Arrow
Get automatically notified on various email events. Process this data or integrate with your own application. Email API Feature Arrow
Deliverability CRM
Automated incident creation when your domain gets blacklisted, deliverability decreases or bounce percentage changes. Email API Feature Arrow

Email API Solution for E-Commerce

Use our SMTP Relay or API to easily integrate with your current e-commerce marketing software. Leverage SendPost to send personalised interactive emails(AMP support) both promotional and transactional. You can scale with us on dedicated IPs and manage multiple sending domains. We alert you before your e-commerce brand may get impacted because of IP being blacklisted, increase in bounce percentage or domain reputation going for a toss.
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