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Email API for Developers

SendPost has been built keeping 3 things which developers love about great API solutions - easy integration, terrific documentation and seamless on-boarding. The platform has been designed for stellar email inboxing and has been engineered for scale. It is easy to get started with when you only intend to send transactional emails such as registration or forget password. As your requirements mature and so does your scale, SendPost will seamlessly grow alongside you.

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Why developers should choose SendPost?

Building great software is our craft. Being developers ourselves we know creating great software needs really good tools. It doesn't really matter whether you are creating a consumer app or building the next generation marketing platform - email touches every part of your customer lifecycle. You need a no-nonsense email API solution which has easy integration, great API docs and is reliable.

As your software matures, your requirements will grow. In the future, you may need to send 100 million+ emails per month or deeply integrate email statistics in your app. You may want to manage email sending on dedicated IPs or connect SMTP relay to your marketing platform. Our clean APIs, detailed deliverability statistics, customisable web-hooks, dedicated IPs and SMTP relay shall ensure that you don't outgrow SendPost when you have sophisticated use-cases.

We have ensured that our pricing is both transparent and reasonable. Unlike our competitors, you can be sure that you will not receive a price shock at the end of the month. Our tech savvy support team is is there to help you right from API integration to debugging or fixing any email deliverability issue.

To sum up our easy to integrate APIs, great software quality, kickass inboxing, great support and affordable price makes us a great email API partner for you.

PS: If you are bootstrapped / self-funded startup or NGO then drop us an email at for a generous discount.


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Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Simple email sending & validation API, powerful analytics, smart alerting system and power deliverability optimisation tools make SendPost standout as the most forward thinking email API service.

Email API & SMTP Relay
We have API SDKs present in over 14+ programming languages - Java, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby, Python etc. You can also connect us in old fashioned way using SMTP relay. Email API Feature Arrow
Sub-Accounts & Groups
Segregate your email sending for products, customers or email types using Sub-Accounts. Get detailed analytics for specific email types using groups. Email API Feature Arrow
Sub-Account & IP Stats
Know your deliverability, bounce, open and click rate at both sub-account and IP level. We show stats for aggregated SMTP errors and your inboxing on major ISPs - gmail, yahoo, outlook, aol etc. Email API Feature Arrow
Event Logging
Debug any deliverability issue based on a sub-account or IP by SMTP code, description, recipient, sender and more. 90 day log retention and super fast search. Email API Feature Arrow
Dedicated & Shared IPs
If you are getting started you can use our shared IP pools for email sending. For big senders, manage your own dedicated and shared IP pools. Email API Feature Arrow
Validation API
Clean your list by removing hard bounce, spam traps, invalid emails, email typos, honey pot email addresses and more. Email API Feature Arrow
Alerts & Notification
Setup automated alerts and notification through slack & email when specific sub-account or IP deliverability suffers or your hard bounce has increased. Email API Feature Arrow
Rate limiting, Throttling & Routing
For power users, you can control speed of email sending and throttling at an IP. You can also route emails from an IP Pool based on specific rules. Email API Feature Arrow
Get automatically notified on various email events. Process this data or integrate with your own application. Email API Feature Arrow
Deliverability CRM
Automated incident creation when your domain gets blacklisted, deliverability decreases or bounce percentage changes. Email API Feature Arrow

Email API Solution for Developers

No-nonsense email API solution with easy integration, great docs and kickass inboxing. The platform has clean APIs for simple use-case like sending bunch of emails to more complicated use-cases like building an ESP on top of SendPost.
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