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Email API+ SMTP Relay

Send transactional or bulk emails effortlessly with the best Email API and SMTP Relay solution out there.

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Built for Developers

Set up your email integration in no time. Integrate and deliver in minutes with our API SDKs or SMTP Relay. We have native API SDKs in all popular programming languages (NodeJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C#, Golang, Rust and more) and clear API documentation.

Deliver with Confidence

Reach inbox and not spam - whether you are sending 10 emails or 10 million. Send from your domain with SPF, DKIM, DMARC and TRACK records. Get started quickly on our shared IPs or scale email sending on dedicated IPs with zero hassle.

Personalize at Scale

Create great customer experiences by sending relevant and personalised emails. Leverage our custom fields or powerful if/else templating engine to make every email special for your recipients.

Measure with Ease

Get detailed analytics about your email performance at sub-account, IP and group level. Get stats for deliverability, bounce, open, click rate either through our API or through our webhooks.

AMPlify your Conversions

AMP emails bring a website like experience right inside the email. Your users don’t have to leave their inbox to take action whether it is filling a form, filling a survey or buying a product.

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Trusted by developers, businesses and ESPs

Companies of all sizes are using SendPost to reliably deliver emails.
413+ Million Emails Sent
24/7 Support
99.23% Average Deliverability
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