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SendGrid Alternative


Meet SendPost, the SendGrid alternative with clean email API, detailed analytics, simple transparent pricing and 24x7 support. We provide you with tools, expertise and support needed to reliably deliver emails to your customers inboxes on time, every time.


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How SendPost features compare with SendGrid

SendPost replaces manual workarounds, messy hacks and daily frustrations that you have come to live with your email API / SMTP provider. You want a solution which helps you understand why your email deliverability is broken, be alerted when it breaks and know how to fix it quickly. You don't want to spend hours wading through logs and waiting for support team to get back to you in days.
Sendpost Sendgrid
Email API Yes Yes
SMTP Relay Yes Yes
Validation API Yes Yes
Shared & Dedicated IP-Pool Yes Yes
Dynamic Email Templates Yes Yes
Drag Drop HTML Editor Yes Yes
Multiple Sending Domains Yes Yes
Webhooks Yes Yes
Deliverability Stats Yes Yes
Blacklist & Reputation Tracking Yes No
90 Day Log Retention Yes No
SMTP Stats Yes Yes
IP & Email Provider Stats Yes No
Alerts & Notifications Yes No
Email Deliverability CRM Yes No
Email Rate Limiting & Throttling Yes No
Smart Email Routing Yes No
24/7 Email Support Yes Yes
24/7 Chat Support Yes No
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Sending over 413+ million emails per month

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How SendPost prices compare with SendGrid

SendPost pricing is simple and transparent, unlike that of SendGrid. You don't have to be a math wizard to figure out your bill. We charge you $3 for every 10,000 emails sent. That's it.
Sendpost Sendgrid
10,000 emails/month $3 $14.95
50,000 $15 $14.95
100,000 $30 $14.95
250,000 $75 $249
500,000 $150 $249
750,000 $225 $475
1,000,000 $300 $749
1,500,000 $450 $749
2,000,000 $600 $989
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5 reasons to choose SendPost over SendGrid

Consistent and reliable email deliverability
We have been in the email space for over half a decade and sent billions of emails. We have used all big email API softwares including SendGrid only to be disappointed. We built SendPost to solve email deliverability for genuine good senders. Not only have we built a software for optimising email inboxing but also have a strong deliverability team with decades of email expertise.
Simple to start, powerful to scale
SendPost has a simple email API and clean UI/UX for you to start sending emails. However as your email volumes increase we have dedicated IPs, detailed stats (deliverability, SMTP and IP) and pro deliverability tools (email rate-limiting, throttling, intelligent routing) to help you scale.
Simple & transparent pricing
We charge $3 for every 10,000 emails sent. Simple and straightforward. You don't need to break your bank nor do you need to be a math wizard to send emails.
Deep analytics & smart alerts
Email is hard. Despite everything that we do, you may still face email inboxing issues. At SendPost we help you understand why your email deliverability is broken, what is the root cause and how to fix it. Infact, we will alert and notify you when things go bad (IP reputation or domain blacklisting) before serious damage can be done to your email sending.
24x7 email & chat support
Unlike SendGrid, at SendPost we aim to reply to your queries in minutes and not days. Our customer support team has deep email expertise. We are available 24x7 over email and chat to ensure your business never gets disrupted owing to email issues.

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