How do I whitelist / authenticate my domain?

How do I get the SPF/DKIM records in order to authenticate your domain with SendX. 

When you are sending email using your own domain name, DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) helps you verify that your email content hasn't been tampered with before it reaches the recipient. This is a vital part of increasing trust with your subscribers and assists in your deliverability.

Domain authentication, or domain whitelisting, involves adding a Return Path, DKIM, and Track record into the DNS records of the sender domain. To generate these records, follow the steps given below:

  1. Login to your SendX account.

  2. Go to Settings > Domain whitelisting.

  3. Enter the domain name in the designated area without https:// or www.

Eg: if your domain name is, just enter (do not use or


4. Now click on the Generate DNS Records button. You will now receive a text file containing all the required details.



5. If you want to access the generated information later, you can do so by selecting the domain from the dropdown list:

You can also copy these values by clicking on the clipboard icon



6. Now go to your hosting service (NameCheap/GoDaddy/Hostgator/CloudFlare etc) and add all three DNS records you've generated.

If you need more information on adding DNS records to your hosting account, scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose your hosting service provider from the available options.


Once done, go back to your Domain Whitelisting page and choose your domain from the drop-down list. Then click on the refresh icon.


If the DNS records are added correctly, you should be able to see a green tick mark (✅) on all records:

If you want to share DNS records with your IT support or a teammate, choose your domain and click on the email icon (✉️) found next to the refresh button to send the details to your teammates. 

You can also drop us a message either via live chat or via email ( and we'll verify the status for you. Here are instructions on how to set up your DNS records at specific providers:

Instructions for SendX V2


Please contact or submit a ticket if you have any questions; we would be happy to help.