Getting Started

Create a List and Send your 1st Campaign

  • Introduction to SendX

  • Setting up list

  • Adding contacts

  • Creating campaign

  • Sending first campaign

  • Analyzing reports

Introduction to SendX

SendX is an email marketing product. It helps you convert website visitors to customers, send them promotional emails, engage with them using drip sequences and craft custom journeys using powerful but simple automations.

Setting Up a List

The first thing we need to do to send our first email newsletter campaign is to create a list. For the sake of simplicity, we shall create a list with the name Website Users. We can do it straight from the dashboard as it looks below. Click the Create List button as marked:

Add the Name as Website Users and click on the Submit List button: 


Adding Contacts

Contacts are nothing but people to whom you want to send emails. On SendX, each contact is required to have an Email ID. You can specify other properties like First Name, Company, Birthday etc. You can add contacts using Add Contact or Import Contacts via a CSV file. For now, we shall simply be adding a contact with the Add Contact option. Enter your personal or work email id along with your first name and Submit this contact information.


Creating a Newsletter Campaign

Let's add our first Newsletter Campaign. For this, click on Create Campaign button on the dashboard or Campaigns on the navigation bar above and click on the New Newsletter button on the subsequent page.

Newsletters have 5 stages:

  • The Sender stage collects information of the Newsletter Campaign Name, From Name and From Email Address.

  • Templates stage lets you choose your existing templates (Custom Templates) or SendX's global collection of templates. This would form the base for your Content, which you'll be able to edit in the next stage. You can choose from 

  • The Content stage is the most important one which allows you to enter the Subject, the Body and all visual elements in the email on a single page. There are sections for Personalization and Emojis too.

You can add various elements like text, images, social links, etc. by simply dragging and dropping the boxes from the right pane into your email body template. 

Sending a Test Newsletter

As a good practice, we recommend that you always Send Test emails before sending the actual one. This shall ensure that if there are any issues in the email, they get surfaced right away. Click the Send Test button on the toolbar above the email editor.

Select the email id to Send Test Mail To.

Now checking your email account should show a mail similar to:

If you have reached this stage then it means everything is working fine.

  • Recipients are the contacts you want to send this Newsletter to. You can select from all Lists, Tags and Segments in your account to target this newsletter to. Select Website Users list here which you have already created:

  • Schedule helps you to schedule the newsletter for later or send it immediately. Use the Send Now option to send it immediately to the Website Users list.

Now, click on Submit Newsletter Campaign and you should see it in your inbox:

Note that the email body here has changed the salutation from Hi < Contact FirstName > to Hi Agnibha Nath.

Analyzing reports

Reports can be accessed by clicking on the Report button on the Newsletter's Info page or from the campaigns' list page by clicking on Campaigns in the top navigation bar.

You'll enter the Report page to have sections as shown below:

Instructions for SendX V2



Now you are well on your way to using SendX for mastering email marketing! 🙂