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It's that time of the month again, and the pressure is getting the best of you. Last time you sent a promotional email, it was a disaster. You are still thinking about what went wrong, the results were atrocious - unsubscribers numbers exceeded by far the number of sales -, and as far as you can tell there was nothing wrong with the promotional email you sent.

The offer was good, a great discount indeed, a special opportunity that you would die or kill for, but not the customers who received that promotional email that you have sent.

Well, I am not an all-mighty-marketer, but I know a thing or two about emails and I will help you put together a playbook, but please note that this is not a short term fix. You will need patience and willingness to play a long term game.

In this article, we will talk about some high-level strategy, not tactics per se, that you can use to send promotional emails. And if you never did in your life, no worries. You will find a small tutorial in the end on how to send promotional emails to customers using SendX.

"Hey! Ho! Let's go!"

Sending Emails that People Want to Read

Before you send promotional emails, just send emails that people want to read.

"There will always, one can assume, be a need for some selling. But the aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself." -- Peter Drucker

I know that other people won't agree with me on this one, but my interpretation of understanding a customer so well could be a two-way-street, where your customer knows everything about you as well.

By creating a relationship with your customer where you can share more about yourself, they will feel like they know all there is to know about you. And if you do your homework and give them exactly what they need, your long-term game will be on point, because as Cialdini says, people tend to buy from others they like.

How to achieve that?

Seinfeld has the answer.


I mean, not him, but someone created an interesting theory based on his show. Russell Brunson called it in his book the Daily Seinfeld Sequence. In which he states that people come for the content and they end up staying for the entertainment.

The email content is about "nothing" and about "everything", all about the day-to-day life, which goes against the current that says that you will have to prepare all the things beforehand and have them follow one editorial content, and so on, and so on.

Of course, you don't have to do it like Russell does it. I know that his name carries some polarity in the marketing community, but you have to admit that the guy knows what he is doing.

Let me show you an example, that follows the same principles:

I love the way CXL does it. The CEO Peep Laja usually uses email to create the relationship we already talked about, and then when he needs to promote stuff he does it without any shame, because he gives you great value, especially in his "On my mind" section:

Sending emails that people want to read
Source: CXL

And sometimes Peep even sends stand-alone promotional emails, just promoting the one thing he wants to promote because he earned the right to do so. Be like Peep, Peep is a master at this marketing game.

Another great example would be Nat Eliason with his newsletter, Medley. He is constantly sending you cool stuff from the internet, usually, they are things that we are living now, which makes the newsletter fun and relevant, and a must-read.

Nat also creates courses, and recently he used his list to promote his course, and it was a huge success.

This is what I meant when I said that before you send promotional emails to customers, you should first learn to send emails that will make people want to read what you have to say.

People may buy when you give x percent discount on a product, but if this is the only thing you do, send promotional emails, people will get bored real quick. And after that it is a matter of time for them to stop opening your emails, or even worse, unsubscribe from them.

When You Send Promotional Emails, The Devil is in the Details

Besides the need for creating a relationship with your list, what you need to do is differentiate yourself.

Not that you have a lot of options with the format of email, but you sure can test a few things when you send promotional emails: a copy with more humor, instead of using a static image, why not a gif? instead of gif, why not embed a video?

See, you can do so much better than the static image with a discount, or promoting a launch or something. Hell, use plain text, but make sure to test different formats and see what works.

Another important detail that you should have in mind is your list segmentation. Talking from my own experience, there is nothing more frustrating than buying something at full price, and a few days later receiving a promotional email announcing a discount for that same product.

Why would you do that to a customer?

Just make sure that you have your things separate. Your goal here is to make fans, who think that you are the best, not an enemy that thinks you are a jerk because of what you just did.

Using SendX to Send Promotional Email to Customers

Learn to create a sequence in SendX

Let's start with your relationship emails. It can be a drip sequence for your new subscribers. You can send them as you go as well, like the examples I showed above, but I am trying to help you go DRY - don't repeat yourself - if you already have an email sequence that works.

First, we create a new campaign and select Drip, and then we go from there:

Using SendX to send promotional emails

And then we can add how many steps are in our sequence:

Adding steps in the sequence using SendX

And you can change the content in the editor. We will cover it in a little bit when we talk about sending the actual promotional email. But all in all, the SendX editor is very intuitive: you select the step on the Drip that you want to change, and you start editing the text, and you can add images and other things as well.

SendX has "send after 2 days" as default, and you can change it, to hours, weeks, and the number:

Scheduling email sending using SendX

After the content is ready, the steps and the send-after days, hours or minutes is set we can go to the last part, that is sending the sequence that will warm our list and make them more likely to act after we send our promotional emails:

Edit drip campaign in SendX

Since our drip sequence will be automated, we will need to create automation for it:

Create automation using SendX

In the SendX welcome page, click on automation and then click to create a new automation.

As you can see, in this automation I decided to direct my sequence to my new subscribers, and that will be my trigger, and after that my action will be adding them to a drip sequence, and select which drip sequence, and that's it.

Let's Send a Promotional Email to your Customers

To start to craft our promotional email with SendX, let's go into Campaign and then Newsletter:

Sending a promotional email using SendX

Pick a campaign name:

Pick a campaign name in SendX

Select one of the awesome templates that SendX offers you for free, and then edit it to fit your needs, the message that you want to share, with a strong call-to-action (obviously my example is not one that you should follow).

Select a suitable campaign name in SendX


And when everything is ready, you will just have to send it:

Scheduling email sending using SendX

Send Promotional Emails - Wrapping it Up

Well, now you know a little bit why your promotional emails don't have a high success rate. You will need to develop a relationship, give value, and then promote yourself and ask for money. This is the formula.

We talked about the Daily Seinfeld Sequence and two examples of people that use a similar approach, but not exactly the same since they don't have a pre-made drip sequence to engage you. But they are pros.  

Having in mind that you may not be at the same skill level, I showed you how to create a drip sequence in SendX, so you can put Russell's concept in practice. And then I showed you how to create and send promotional emails using SendX, the rest depends on your creativity and what you have to offer to your subscribers.

See you soon for another email tune.