How to add contacts inside an email list?

A Quick Guide To Importing Contacts in a List

Using SendX, you can quickly import contacts from a CSV file into a list. This allows you to make lists from contacts you may have acquired using Lead Ads, other marketing automation software or other external mediums.

  • Create a new list (Single Opt In or Double Opt In) or click on an already existing one (from the Lists screen) depending on which list you want to import the contacts in.
  • Click on the big Import Contacts button next to Contacts.
  • Click on Upload CSV file, and browse to the CSV file containing the list of contacts you want to import in the list.
  • After that you should see contents of CSV file and drop down against every column in CSV. So you have to do mapping by selecting appropriate columns against email, name, company etc.
  • Once completed you will get an email about number of contacts that have been successfully imported as well as the ones that were either duplicates or were invalid.

And that's it! That's all you need to do to import an external list into SendX!