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Mayank is an email marketing expert & co-founder of SendX. SendX is an intuitive & affordable email marketing software.

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A Quick Guide To Excluding Specific Lists, Tags And Segments From Your WebPush Campaigns.

While creating your SendX WebPush Campaigns, you can quickly choose to exclude certain contacts, lists, tags and segments from your WebPush campaigns so that you can laser target certain segments and leads with specific marketing campaigns. This short guide will help you to do that.

  • Create a new WebPush Campaign or edit an already existing one, depending on which campaign you want to exclude certain contacts from.
  • Under the Content tab, scroll down until you see the field labelled Never send this push notification to contacts.
  • Click on the empty box and you will see a list of Lists, Segments and Tags that you already have in SendX. You can also type the name of the same and then select it. Just click on list, segment or tag you want to exclude.  
  • Click on Submit after you're done with the WebPush campaign to set it up! That's it! Now, all the entries in the field Never send this push notification to contacts won't receive that particular campaign broadcast.