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5 Effective And Efficient Tips On Email Marketing for Construction Companies

Source : Constructconnect

As more and more people rely on the internet for all their needs, digital marketing experts are advancing their techniques and introducing new ones. Now, while some brands are impressed with the results of social media marketing, many are finding solace by holding on to freshly brewed content.

Well, we do not deny that these have the potential to draw engagement from the customers. But, not all of these marketing techniques will suit all genres of business; especially when it comes to a construction company, which works on a large scale and needs to tend to many customers in a go.

The best strategy that will provide you long-term benefits in a cost-effective manner is none other than email marketing! Sure, it’s one of the oldest marketing channels, but hey - it shows effective results in a short time. So, what’s not to love? 

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Want to dig deeper on what emails can do? Let’s look at 3 definite reasons:

Why Should You Opt for Email Marketing?

  • Helps you stay ahead of your competitors: When you have the advantage of tending to your customers, one at a time, it goes a long way in your customers knowing that you care for their needs. 

For example, if you notice a potential buyer heading towards the negotiation rounds,  you can take the necessary steps to make sure he gets the best deal from you. 

  • Enjoy the benefit of personalization: With proper use of email marketing, you get the opportunity to answer everybody’s needs separately. For instance, if you happen to know that one of your existing customers is planning to buy a new property, you can send him discounts or details of your other upcoming projects that can convince him to choose you.
  • Maintain good terms with subcontractors, vendors, and other staff members: Having a construction company, you will know that not having the right staff members, vendors, or subcontractors during a project can be a real mess! Therefore, you will always want to maintain a good connection with them to ensure their presence when the need arises.

Email marketing gives you the chance to talk to them about your upcoming projects, and share good feedback received from customers to keep their motivation high. Also, these emails, in turn, make them know that you need and value them and increases the chances of staff retention.

Now, the ones mentioned above are only some significant benefits that you can enjoy once you start using email marketing. There are many others, which you will slowly get to know after you jump into the job.

Nonetheless, if you are still hesitant about the results, we completely understand your dilemma. So, we suggest you take some small yet effective steps, first, and then get to know this channel’s far-reaching impact yourself!

5 Effective Email Campaign Strategies For Your Construction Company

1. Segment Your Email List Effectively

segment your email list
Segment your audience

As different people in your email list will have individual needs, segmenting your list will be the first step to creating targeted email campaigns. But have you thought about how you want to segment the list or what parameters you want to use?

Well, we are here with some ideas. First, you can take into account “geography”. This means you need to think if you want to construct buildings in your locality or you want to explore other areas, too. So, if you want to explore other areas, you need to include the demographics who would want to invest/purchase real estate in and around that specific location.

Likewise, you can segment your list using “purchase cycle”. With this, you can sort customers based on whether they’re looking at luxurious properties or the ones that are plain affordable. Acquiring this rich source of information can help you tailor down potential buyers whom you can reach out to, as and when you create projects that are better aligned to their preference and budget and preference.

2. Talk About Your Expertise

email marketing for construction companies
Talk about your services

While you send your customers emails on the different works you have done or the services you offer, make sure you clearly portray your expertise. When you draft an email to talk about your services, make a separate section to enlist your expertise. Say, if you have done many projects in the healthcare sector, and now, you want to term that as your expertise, you can specify details separately for this section.

To excel in this strategy, try to add high-quality pictures and customer feedback of the projects when you talk about your expertise. Nonetheless, make sure that you only target your expertise emails only to those who have shown interest in that area.

3. Show Your Sustainability Goals

Show your sustainability goals

Given the challenges the world is facing due to climate change and other environmental conditions, sustainability is essential, especially in the construction business. As more people are becoming aware of the significance of sustainability, they will keep looking for the measures you are taking to bring greater value to your business.

So, make sure you elaborate on your sustainability goals from time to time. Moreover, if you have used any digital tools or innovations that exhibit sustainability, try to display that clearly in the emails.

Keep in mind that these emails work best when you have important environmental days such as Earth Day around the corner.

4. Show Off Your Work

Say a customer is checking out your website because he wants to purchase a lavish residential property in your project. Now, do you think talking about your services without shelling out sneak peek of your projects will help in this scenario? Well, in most cases, no.

This is when you understand the importance of incorporating high-definition pictures of the projects you have done. Try to take current pictures of the existing projects to add an edgy look and imbibe credibility into your work via your emails.

And, if possible, also add before and after pictures of some renovations to create a far-reaching impact.

Source : Pinterest

5. Share the Customer Testimonials

Share customer testimonials

Even if you have added the customer or client testimonials to your website, landing page, you need to make good use of these in your email campaigns. Let’s see how.

Suppose you see a customer eyeing a specific category of your services but not making a site visit. In this case, you can send emails to that customer, elaborating more on that specific category.

While you describe your services, make sure you share the feedback you have received in this sector. If done right, this will play a significant role in convincing your potential buyer to book a site visit right away!

To Wrap Things Up

Be it a large-scale or a small-scale construction company; you can use these email marketing strategies in both cases without any ease.

However, one thing that might be a problem here is investing the required effort and time to implement an email campaign. So, in order to address this challenge, we have a great suggestion for you!

You can use email marketing software to get your job done in a hassle-free manner. And, the software that would be best suited for your construction business is SendX. Our software is intuitive, feature-rich, and is far more economical when compared to other giants in the same genre. It lets you enjoy high-quality live support and access 21 premium quality email templates to create the best impact on your customers.

What’s more? With SendX you get to enjoy a 14-day free trial, and that too, without asking for any credit card details!

So, follow the strategies and get started with your email campaign to make your construction company stay one step ahead of the rest.

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