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A rotten email usually goes into the spam folder. Agree? I guess you totally agree.

Can you answer the question that what you are drafting right now will give results as expected? You probably can’t give the exact answer.

But you can use the best practices to build a star-studded email or newsletter that goes directly into the user’s heart.

Think of that you spend hours deciding on a specific event. You obviously want users to participate.

Here’s a guide on how to write a good invitation for an event that would get people to participate. A lot of stuff needs to happen like people willing to read your email, understanding the event, and finally deciding to participate.

Things you Need to Know about Event Invitation Email

An event includes agenda, date, time, venue, speakers, etc. You know everything about your event. But the email recipient doesn’t know anything about it. You need to clear out the event details thoroughly so that the participants get a clear idea of participation.

It’s simple!

No understanding, no interest.

No interest, no participation.

No participation, no revenue.

The event invitation email is a core contributor to your event’s success. Practicing email marketing will include:

  • Promote your event by sending engaging messages
  • Send email messages to the attendees
  • Send event schedules via email
  • Create a personalized email experience
  • Thank all the attendees
  • Take follow up of those who missed the event

Here, you do not need to sit and send all the emails manually. Use an email automation tool to automate your email marketing. The time saved can be utilized in contacting the speakers and finding partners for the event.

4 Main Elements to Include in your Email Invitation Template

Like a recipe for any dish, you need to integrate the whole nine yards into your event email invitation. Here are 4 main elements to include in your Email Invitation Template.

Thorough Details

It doesn’t matter if you are running an event online or at the venue. You need to include the below details in your invitation.

  • Date and Time of the event
  • Venue of the event
  • Duration of the event

Forgetting any important details will affect the sales and success of your event. In case you forget to share any details, do not worry. Write an apology email and share the missed information.

Use Catchy Phrases

Being creative with your invitation phrases can increase your click-through rates. Make your email friendly and start with a warm welcome.

Include phrases like “We would love to see you.” People will take action when they are able to relate to your event.

Attractive Design

Along with content, make sure your design is attractive. Include GIFs or Videos to catch the attention of the user.

Do not confuse your users with a long copy. Make a focal point in your email to attract their attention. Create engaging emails by adding pictures or videos.

Use Catchy Subject Lines

Giving a catchy subject line is very difficult yet important. The subject line decides whether the person is interested in opening your message or not. An appealing subject line grabs the user's attention and makes them read your email.

Here are the game-changer tips to create catchy subject lines:

  • Make it personalized
  • Create a sense of urgency or scarcity
  • Generate curiosity
  • Include important announcements

Benefits of catchy subject lines:

  • Higher open rates
  • Higher click-through rates
  • Increase subscribers
  • Increase revenue from the email campaigns

Example of Catchy Subject Lines for Event Email Invitation:

  • <Event_name>, Are you ready?
  • Let’s meet at <Event_name>
  • Announcing, <Event_name>
  • Get ready for, <Event_name>
  • Don’t miss out
  • The countdown begins
  • <Event_name> is live!

Top 20 Best Event Invitation Email Templates

Now that you know the basics for event invitation email  email, it is time to look at the splendid email templates to attract the audience’s attention. Here, I have selected the best email templates to help you out with your email invitation content and design.

  1. Conference Invitation Email Template

Business conferences happen frequently. You want to clearly state the conference date and time and what topics will be covered in the conference. Look at the below template, you might consider using it for your conference email invitations.

Source : Bizzabo

2. Trade Show, Invitation Email Template

For trade shows it is important to mention in-depth insights about the event. The below template clearly mentions what the show will be about and what the advantage attendees will receive.

Source : MarketingSherpa

3. Team Building Invitation Email Template

Team building email must clear what the event is about. Is it a professional one, or a fun event, or a skill sharpening event? The employees should know where they will be spending their afternoon or evening. Below email template is a great example of inviting employees to open up and create a smooth working environment.

Source : Pinterest

4. Team Outing Invitation Email Template

Team outing email must contain appealing designs. The content of the email must reflect the excitement about the location and the activities planned. The below email template is a perfect example of the combination of design and making the audience excited about the event.

Souce : My Works - Carbonmade

5. Training Invitation Email Template

Corporate training session invites are usually uninteresting. To drive customers to respond to your event, the email invitation must be a stellar one. The following email template is the epitome of excitement with colorful design and thorough details.

Source : Dunfermline Advocacy

6. Lunch & Learn Invitation Email Template

Everyone loves lunch and learning events. Education, enjoyment, and eating are a complete blend but the attendees must know the reason they should attend this event, the learning part must be definite, the speaker must be well known, the lunch must be exciting! The following email template gives detailed info about the event.

Source : Postermywall

7. Workshop Invitation Email Template

Workshop email templates must be to the point. They must not waste the reader’s time. The reader must get the details right away. The below example is a flawless example to seal the deal with phrases like “meet with and learn from the minds”, “one-on-one time with experts”.

Source : Safelist

8. Seminar Invitation Email Templates

Seminars are not exciting and engaging. But your email can be. The email invitation must plainly state the subject and agenda of the event so that the audience can easily make out whether the event is for them or not. You obviously don’t want an audience that is not interested in the seminar topic.

Source : Slideshare

9. Networking Invitation Email Template

Networking emails are ordinary. So how do you set yourself apart? Including the type of people in the event, time, and theme of the event, type of entertainment in the event, food, and beverages at the event, if included.

Source : Earle Brown

10. Meet and Greet Invitation Email Templates

Unlike networking events, meet and greet events are for increasing networks. Meet and Greet emails must be clear, simple, and beautiful just like the template given below.

Source : Visme

11. Online Event Invitation Email Template

Online events are interesting. The online event emails must be a professional one with engaging opening lines, followed by speaker information and then the other details about the event like date, time. Do not forget to include a call to action button at the end.

Source : Bizzabo

12. Webinar Invitation Email Template

Webinar invitation emails must drive people to your event. Start with an appealing opening image related to the topic and include the event date, time, and topic in bold. Highlight the interest in your webinar invitation email. Show what the attendee will learn and take away knowledge. Include the speaker information and social media handles to build the trust of users.

Source : Venngage

13. Reunion Invitation Email Template

Reunions are for cherishing the past days. It includes meeting old friends or colleagues, DJ, speeches, and recalling the old days. With your reunion email invitation, including time, date, venue. Make it engaging with nostalgic lines, as in the below example.

Source : Desievite

14. Music Festival Invitation Email Template

For a music festival email invitation, include details about the event, ticket details. The singer matters a lot for the success of your music event. Make the template catchy with an engaging design.

Source : Pinterest

15. Food Festival Invitation Email Template

Food festivals are tempting. It is a combination of live performances and a variety of foods. Food festival email invitations can be made attractive using the color theme as the below example.

Source : London-Popups

16. Summit Invitation Email Template

Summit is an event made full of learning and giving. Summit event invitation must include the topics and speakers. Date, time, and other details. Include a call to action for registration.

Source : Really Good Emails

17. Auction Invitation Email Template

Auctions are bidding for a product or item. With your auction invitation email, include a list of products so that the people are well aware before bidding for the prices.

Source : Winspire News

18. Gala Dinner Invitation Email Template

Gala dinners are always refreshing from the regular work life. To make your email specific about the event, including the program itinerary, to let the audience know about the flow of the program.

Source : MSO-HNS

19. Themed Party Invitation Email Template

Office theme parties are amazing. To double up the excitement of the employees, make your email invitation with a catchy design and elaborate with complete details.

Source : Pinterest

20.Holiday Event Invitation Email Template

Holiday events are to rejuvenate yourself. Make the invitation alluring with bright colors and what the event will include.

Source : AIChE


Now that you know the recipe for cooking the tasty email invitation template for your event, go for it. Moreover, you can even customize email templates for your Magento 2 store according to your needs. In a nutshell, your Email Invitation for the event is the first step towards attracting and impressing viewers to participate in your event.

As the packaging reflects what is inside the box, your Email Invitation is your packaging where people can make out what will be inside the event. Unique header lines, color scheme, engaging images, enough details, design, a company logo can make your event packaging fantastic.

I hope the above email templates and information helped you how you can influence people to convert and show up at your event.