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Email Marketing is a time tested tool from the inception of the internet for the distribution of content and has proved to be an effective medium.

The medium has acquired many brownie points from all digital marketers for its credibility in achieving desired campaign results through its persuasive & strategic approach.

Today an email marketer has to think of multilayer communication devices. The extent of global email users exchanging emails on a day to day basis in 2017 as reported by Statista is 3.7 Billion.

Source: Oberlo

The firm also is known to have predicted a surge in the number of the email exchange from 269 billion emails in 2017 to 333 billion in 2019.

With the growing number of daily active number of email users, a good and effective strategy needs to be put into place by marketers to ensure goals are met with ease.

An accumulation of market research statistics put together by various firms vouches for the package of benefits email marketing comes with:

  1. As per DMA, for every $1 spent on email marketing, an average return of $32 is an ROI*
  2. Key drivers for Customer Acquisition Channel & Customer Retention for 81% & 80%* respectively for SMB & Mid-Sized businesses. The same has been indicated in market research conducted by Emarsys in 2018.
  3. A research finding by GetResponse, indicates that an average open rate for a welcome email is a potential indicator of a successful email marketing strategy. A combination of high open rate success, great email design success, engaging & useful content.
  4. A report in 2017 by Yes Marketing shows that Personalized Subject Lines in an email, generate 50% higher open rate*.

5. Research produced by Omnisend in 2018 states that 3 Abandoned Cart emails sent in sequence results in 69%* more e-commerce orders than a single email. Abandoned emails are a great catchment for lost potential clients who stocked up products from an e-commerce site on their cart but abandoned the shopping process midway.

6. It is essential that all content & communication with the end goal of reaching business objectives should be engaging & must be embedded with dynamic elements. This can boost up the click rates by 300%* (Martech Advisor’s 2017 data). Marketers also tend to experiment with sliders, collapsible menus & GIFs to make emails look better to customers.

7. Trends recorded by Mailchimp in 2018 show that the most opened emails relate to hobbies with an open rate of 27.35%.

8. Personalized Emails deliver 6 times higher transaction rates.

9. Most people receive an email for the first time on their mobiles.

10. Transaction emails with personalization elements like order confirmations & shipping notices are a great tool for creating engagement & conversions. The method brings in familiarity and also linger in the mind of the consumer to hit the transaction button. For Example, if they bought a pair a Bonsai Pot, show them 5 latest Trending Bonsai Designs which would urge them to engage and interact. This is a method of providing value to the consumer and larger sales.

*Notes -

Best Time to Send an Email

It’s a common habit now to first check up the mail as soon as one wakes up. Marketers point out that Tuesday through Thursday morning between 8 to 10 pm. But with technology being portable the trend is becoming hourly. Latest marketing trends by Experian states that response rates are higher at night and early in the morning. The night owls had the highest open click rate through.

Proofreading is a Must

It is incredible to ensure that the communication over a mail is proofread. Grammatical and Framing Errors could be dampening for a user to read. An Error of Language could just decline the interest of the user from reading.

Subject Line Mistakes that drop your open rates

Longwinded Subject Lines are like Hairpin Bends which will deflect a consumer which deflect a critical email from reaching the destination. Apart from Longwinded subject lines, there are some researched errors put together to avoid while framing subject lines:

  1. Video Email: An email with video content experiences a surge of click rates has been recorded by 300%.  
  2. Emoji: Place Emoji in the subject line for a higher open-rate. Spark emotion.  
  3. Keywords:
  • If philanthropy words like ‘Donate’ are detrimental to click rates. A change in the way the email is communicated could tilt the trend towards more open clicks.
  • The word 'free' is a double-edged sword and the result differs for different industries. In some industries, it proves to be detrimental. Sending communication about mails focused around recipients needs would be a lot more impactful than that of Organizational mission or much better get creative with an invite to an event. People need to see value in their involvement before they commit to a cause.
  • Bring an element of creative urgency by combining power words to increase click ability response.  
Source: Mailchimp

4. Smart Insights

  • MailChimp analyzed a cluster of good marketing subject-lines & worst marketing subject line with minimal deliverability & came to a conclusion. Simple, honest statements for a change have a high deliverability rate without a hardcore sales tone. Hence reinventing with marketing could prove to be a Winner.
  • Research records that a subject line above 10 words result in a decline in open rates.
  • Use communication & subject lines based on the Brand Personality of the brand.  

For example, if you are a Hospital brand then it only makes sense to not use quirky words.

  • On orders over” had the highest score and “off when you,” had the lowest.  
  • "Back in Stock" is a triumphant word phrase that can be used in Email Marketing.  

5. Pattern Interruptions: The progress in Technology has had a deep impact on Language. With the advent of Email & Whatsapp for Business, communication has been in shorts. Tidbits of Words separated by Hyphen and Short representation of words catch attention. They appear as though one has received from a friend or a personal connect.

6. Uncreative Urgency: Play with words must be relevant. Words like ‘Last Chance’ in email subject lines can have a significant negative impact on open rates.  

7. Capital Letters: Using All Capital letters in the subject line offends people giving the impression of being shouted at.

8. Several Exclamation Marks: A mail with multiple exclamation marks is putting off since it looks like spam.  

Designing Email Marketing to suit portable devices

Technology has reinvented itself and with this reinvention, the screen sizes have resized to handy & portable alternatives to communication.

Penetration of smartphone devices in the market has made it pertinent for brands to optimize all interactive emails on mobile devices.

With the communication devices available to a consumer at their fingertips, consumer behavior dictates that 99% of the consumers check the email every day and several times during the day. Statista reports that in the first quarter of 2019, mobile internet traffic made up a total of 40.61% of all internet traffic in the USA.

The belief systems & expectations surrounding a brand & the consumer has changed in the internet age. Users expect to be connected in real-time to latest updates by their favored brands.

Such behavioral changes from consumers have made marketers rethink email marketing as technology moves to small size screens. Therefore, mobile email marketing is becoming critical in strategy.

Following are the tips to ensure optimization:

  1. Research by Adestra suggests that if an email is not formatted properly to suit a Mobile Display, the chances of the email being deleted or user unsubscribing can lead to 85% drop in potential customers.
  2. Ensure there are no oversized images or multiple column layouts.
  3. Use a responsive email design template which is more mobile-friendly .
  4. Keep the Call to Actions in button format as opposed to link.
  5. Use consistent email signature that works in all email clients and devices

How do you stand out amongst the noise in messaging created by Email Clutter?

Emails must be targeted to the right people. Segmented emails have a better & higher click response. Sending segmented emails means that you are sending the communication to the users who actually want to hear this increases the chances of transaction.

There are many ways to segment a consumer:-

  1. New customers who made the first transaction.
  2. Repeat customers.
  3. Signed up, but haven’t transacted yet.
  4. Customers who are dormant.
  5. Consumers who show interest in the products.

Email Marketing statistics are just a collective of recorded experiences of Digital Natives and Marketers. What would be pertinent is researching & deploying resources to get to know consumers and building relevant lists would be a sure shot method to ensure that your emails are hitting the desired mark.

The success of an email marketing campaign depends on the proper delivery of the desire communication & framework. You can use simplified tools like Clearout that use automation practices to verify the email address in real-time, validate newly acquired email address and remove unengaged subscribers. Deployment of such software ensures a smooth delivery of efforts and conversions.